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Pilo Moss - Ryan Hoagland

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Pilo (Pilotrichaceae)

Starter size and mounted portions available.

Pilo moss is a more rare, intermediate care moss, which should do well in most conditions and is an ideal moss for covering rocks and hardscape. Pilo is a creeping moss that will weep down if allowed to grow over the edge of something higher in the aquarium. If will not grow tall like some other types.

Pilo moss does not require any special care other than basic, clean water and low-to-moderate lighting. Our Pilo moss is grown submerged in low-tech shrimp tanks. Only super-healthy, bright green cuttings will be harvested and shipped directly to customers.

Typical portions will be a small clump (roughly the size of half dollar), which will be more than enough to start propagating your own beautiful piece. We do not sell large clumps or pre-made containers of moss because these typically do not adapt as well to new tank parameters.

How to grow: We recommend you cut your new moss up into small ½” to ¾” pieces and tie or glue it to whatever surface you would like to attach it to. Each new end will continue to grow and eventually produce a lush, full, beautiful plant. Alternatively, the purchased pieces can be left as-is and each cut end will branch out.

A mounted portion will be attached to a hand-cut section of natural coconut shell and marked with a 3d-printed identification tag. Most moss will be grown out for several months and solidly rooted into the coconut shell. These not only make it easier for the moss to transition, but also allow you to simply place the moss into your aquarium minimal effort.

Disclaimer: All plants or moss may contain baby shrimp or snails.

All Ryan Hoagland products will be shipped from his facility in Indiana. Therefore they must be purchased in a separate transaction using the Ryan Hoagland shipping options.

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