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Frequently asked questions!


We try to keep our return policy as simple and easy as possible. If you receive a product that you do not care of, let us know and we will work with you to send you a product more suitable to your needs or issue a refund. This saves you from being stuck with a product you do not want or just being out of the money with no chance of recovery.

If you received shrimp and a shrimp was DOA, we ask that you take a picture of the shrimp while in the bag. Then acclimate the rest of your bag. Send us the picture within 2 hours of receipt of the delivery. We will replace the shrimp for you. With that being said, please keep in mind that hot weather is deadly to shrimp and someone needs to be home to receive shrimp if temperatures are going to be high. We will send communications to you to ensure that you are aware of tracking information. If temperatures fluctuate in either direction too much, we may delay shipping in the best interest of the shrimp to ensure safe delivery.

If you have questions regarding this, please use feel free to send us an email to ask at as we want to be very clear about our shipping policy as well as our DOA policy.


This will depend on what you have ordered. If your order contains shrimp, we our shrimp will usually arrive in 2-3 days barring any postal mishaps. With a postal mishap, we expect it to arrive within about 5-6 days as a general rule. Dry goods will arrive in 3-7 days depending on the items purchased. We do our best to ensure that your items are shipped within 24 to 48 hours. If there is a delay, we will reach out to you either via phone or email to make you aware. If your order is for shrimp and we have concerns about weather related issues, we will also reach out to you to ensure there will be a means for the shrimp to be retrieved safely as quick as possible from your carrier or to delay shipping until it is convenient for you or safe for the shrimp. One of the most devastating situations is to place an order and have it arrive "DOA" so we make every effort to prevent this at all costs. PLEASE NOTE: We do not ship shrimp on Thursdays as the postal service tends to leave them in transit an additional day which can cause undue stress. By shipping on Friday, the shrimp generally have less time in transit and still arrive on Monday or Tuesday!


Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally. Due to restrictions and regulations, we are not able to ship internationally as often times there can be extreme delays with customs. This is due to specific permits that are required. That being said, it puts the shrimp at grave risk of sitting for extended amounts of times, days or even weeks, with no care. This is not a risk we are willing to take.


Since you are already very familiar with credit and debit card purchases, why rock that boat! But since some of you prefer to use the security of PayPal, we like that option too! 

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