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Hi! We are Rob & Sharee and together, we make Shrimp Envy! This little adventure began because we wanted to find high quality foods and products for our caridina shrimp. While we used products we knew were very reputable, there were still many ingredients that did not seem natural to a shrimps diet or that seemed heavy with animal proteins.

Developing a line of food that including high quality, natural, organic ingredients that we could feed our shrimp to keep them healthy and bring out their color was really important to us as we wanted to provide them the best care possible. After trying many methods and searching for the best ingredients, we have developed the Envy line of foods and treats that include stinging nettle, white mulberry, kale, spinach, moringa, goji berries, dandelion and various other wonderful sources of nutrients that shrimp enjoy.


This even carries over into the wonderful treats and Shrimp Stix we offer. Made with organic zucchini, Hokkaido pumpkin, acai berry powder and various other super foods including our complete blend, we want to ensure that every morsel you give your shrimp in the Envy line is full of wonderfully rich nutrition that serves your shrimp well. And we promise we did not forget trace minerals and immunity boosters! Everyone needs their "One-A-Day" so to speak and our shrimp are no different!


What won't you find in our Envy food line you ask? No chemical binders or shelf life extenders in these pouches. We research everything and having a background with animals, we have learned that giving them natural ingredients is always in their best interest! Whether you keep caridina, neocaridina or other varieties of freshwater shrimp, you can't go wrong with the Shrimp Envy line of foods!

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