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Returns and Shipping

Your satisfaction is very important to us! We will work very hard to ensure that all products you receive meet your expectations. We have a no hassle return policy on products you purchase through us. If you are not satisfied with your product, simple let us know! We will replace the item with one you prefer or refund the item for you. With that being said, we do ask that you keep in mind that shrimp can be fickle little creatures. If you are introducing a new food or treat, sometimes it can take a few days for them to "decide" they really like it. Having kept shrimp for few years and raised many different kinds, we have seen them veraciously charge food as well as be more than a toddler! In most of these situations, once they catch on that it is food, they will decide "Hey, this is pretty darn good stuff! Seconds Please!"

If you purchase our shrimp, our policy is a little more strict but please understand that this coincides with the shipping policy of most who sell shrimp. These are live animals and shrimp have feelers too! We package each with care and do our very best to make sure their journey to you is handled with the utmost comfort so they will arrive safe and sound to their new "Shrimp 'Cuzzi". We always use quick shipping methods and only ship shrimp on Monday, Tuesday or Saturday. PLEASE, for the love of your shrimp, make sure they will not be sitting outside in the heat or in the cold! This does not build good shrimp relations! Make arrangements to ensure someone can bring them in or that they are being held at the facility delivering for you!

Once you have received your shipment, please open your box and carefully remove the contents. We pack our little fellows in a bag wrapped in various media to help keep the temp stable and you will also notice there are pre-cut Styrofoam pieces that help to keep the box from being crushed. Inside the bag, there will be a small piece of netting, a piece of moss, a tiny amount of Purigen and your Shrimps! Before you open the bag, take a good look to see that everyone is swimming about. Look, we are people too with four kids, four grandkids, a puppy named Oliver and a bunch of shrimpies! BUT! Your shrimp need to be inspected as heavens only knows what happened on that trip to the new Shrimp 'Cuzzi. Look at them in the bag and make sure everyone looks alive and safe. If not, snap a photo while they are in the bag! Now, get them released into their acclimation container. It is important that you send us that picture within 2 hours of receiving your shrimp. Also, remember to take a picture of any shrimp that does not look like it will survive the next 15 minutes to an hour while they are acclimating! 


Now you are probably thinking to yourself, "I did not order ghost shrimp! Man those are some pretty pale looking shrimp!" Well now look here, if you had been taken out of your 'Cuzzi by a net, put in a bag, wrapped in heaven's only knows what and stuffed in a box and shipped heaven's only knows where and then all of a sudden this new face that you do not recognize was staring at you and all your shrimp glory, wouldn't you be a little pale and shocked and scared?! Well alright then! Chill out and give them a little time to relax! speak sweetly, acclimate gently and just give them a little time to adjust and they will color right up for you. Now during that time, quit gawking at them and send us that picture..sheeesh you know we can't do much without it!

We are very reasonable and we want you to have healthy happy shrimp and we will make it right with you in replacing any DOA or process a refund as quickly as possible, but with that said, we need you to work with us and be reasonable as well as these are living creatures that depend on you for a sustained eco system.

Privacy & Safety

Don't you just hate it when your information is sold to third party vendors or given away to others! You are sitting at dinner and your phone is ringing from telemarketers or robo callers. Or you open your email and there are 25 new emails from places you have never heard of! Well so do we! We will never use your information for anything other than processing your orders and we won't call you unless we have a question about your order. We will NEVER sell your information or give it to anyone! Your purchases and payment information will remain private and secure. 

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards

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