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Feeding Your Shrimp

People often ask me what I feed my shrimp in my shrimp room. So I thought for my first post I would share my routine and what I've learned over the years in regards to what our shrimp need, what they like, how much they need and most importantly, how not to overfeed!

First I will share my basic feeding routine for those just looking for the quick info.

Monday - A complete pellet food

Tuesday - Protein based powder food

Wednesday - A complete pellet food

Thursday - Bacteria based powder food

Friday - alternating Protein pellet 1 week, mineral pellet 1 week

Saturday - No feeding

Sunday - Fun day! Choice of leaves, lollies, veggies, color foods, treats, etc.

This may seem like a lot of food, but keep in mind we will be discussing portion control below. Also I only feed the powder days when there are a lot of baby shrimp in the tank.

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Matthew Filippi
Matthew Filippi
Mar 14, 2022

This does seem like a ton

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