Shrimp Envy Sampler Pack

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Shrimp Envy Sampler Pack! This pack has 5gr of each Shrimp Envy food so you can try them all! We are familiar with picky eaters and are also familiar with buying a full package of food only to have your shrimp snub their finicky taste buds up at it and stroll away to graze on algae. This sampler pack allows you to gauge what food your shrimp responds to best without have a great deal of excess food you will not use. All Shrimp Envy brand foods are made with 100% natural and organic ingredients.

5gr Complete Envy

5gr Baby Envy (with microspoon)

5gr Food Fight

5gr Shell Envy

5gr Growth Envy

Note: Due to the handmade small batch nature of this food, some variation in color, texture and pellet size will occur.

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