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SaltyBee gH/kH+ Premium

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UPC: 0642390727695
Brand: SaltyBee

SaltyBee gH/kH+ Premium

Functional water conditioner especially for freshwater shrimp
Unique of its kind
For the use of deionized water

SaltyBee gH / kH + Premium

- increases in the ratio dGH ° / kH of approx. 2/1 does not change the pH value
- very efficient due to the use of exclusively hydrate-free high-purity salts - free of nitrate and phosphate
- contains all important and necessary trace elements and minerals
- very fast and low-residue solubility
- does not change the pH value
- extends the life of an aquarium
- stimulates moderate plant growth
- has a retarding effect on algae growth.

Components of SaltyBee gH / kH + Premium

• Total hardness forming alkaline earths
• Natural calcium-magnesium ratio increases total hardness and conductivity
• Potassium for plant growth in moderation
• Micronutrients promotes microbial activity, promotes plant growth in moderation
• Iodine
• Phosphate-eliminating components, reduces algae-forming silicates and phosphates
• Organic carbon sources
promote microbial Activity
reduces nitrogen and phosphate by building up biomass
• Anti-oxidative radical scavenger
compensates and enables the risk of aggressive hydrate-free salts
Use immediately after the solution process, stabilizes oxidation-sensitive functional groups, complexes metallic ions and improves their biological availability (e.g. bivalent iron) for microbiology and as plant nutrients
• Complex mixture of organic and synthetic chelators to protect trace elements from oxidation, binds heavy metals such as copper, Zinc, lead, etc.
protect trace elements from oxidation
• Stable oxygen- donating salts, continuously supply soil and biofilms with oxygen, reduce the formation of detritus, increase the remineralization of leftover feed and faeces, contain 24 essential and potentially essential trace elements, promote microbiological activity and regeneration of biofilms
• Natural components, contain 75 potentially active ingredients including vitamins, enzymes, minerals,
sugar, lignin and saponin, accelerates wound healing, has an anti-inflammatory effect.
• Probiotic bacteria, promote physiological processes, improve water quality, promote the health of animals, especially young animals.
displace pathogenic bacteria
- successfully tested against: Vibrio spp., Aeromonas spp., Streptococcus iniae, Edwardsiella sp., Pseudomonas, spp., Listonella anguillarum, Streptococcus spp
• Remineralizing bacteria promotes a microbiological balance.
promotes the remineralization of organic waste such as faeces, leftover feed and dead plant parts
reduces ammonium and nitrate o breaks down protein compounds
promotes the breakdown of substances that are difficult to break down, such as fats from leftover feed, reduces water changes, makes water crystal clear
• Nitrogen-oxidizing bacteria, remove ammonium / ammonia and nitrite
supplines promote bacterial growth within biofilms

Dosage and application of SaltyBee gH / kH + Premium

Recommendation: One of the most common problems in the aquarium hobby is the combination of products that are not coordinated with each other. These include, in particular, chemical chelators, copper or metallic trace elements or various additives that can cause unforeseen interactions with the components in SaltyBee gH / kh + Premium.
SaltyBee gH / kH + Premium is designed in such a way that regular weekly water changes of approx. 10-20% dissolve and raise the components again to the correct level, which are consumed by plants, bacteria, animals or by electro-, biochemical and physical Conversion are modified in their properties and are no longer available. The concentration would steadily decrease with smaller water changes and increase too much with larger water changes.
We recommend a run-in period of approx. 2 to 3 weeks for new installations.

A combination with third-party products, especially other bacteria-containing products or fertilizers, is not necessary, unless this combination is explicitly recommended.

• In the case of smaller, regular water changes without additional application, the desired concentration can NOT be ensured.
• If the water is changed regularly, the desired concentration is exceeded.
• If there is no water change over a longer period of time, the recommended water change quantity does not have to be increased.

Important note: It is not recommended to mix the SaltyBee products with other salts from other manufacturers. An impairment of the micronutrients contained in SaltyBee salts cannot be ruled out.

1.8g / 10 liters of deionized water result in:
- a total hardness of approx. 5-6 ° d
- a conductance of approx. 250 µS / cm
- create replacement water outside the aquarium
- please add undissolved components to the aquarium
- the salt mixture is very hygroscopic, which can significantly reduce the quality of the salt, so please close it immediately after use

Available packaging sizes

175g (sufficient for approx. 1000l of aquarium water)

550g (sufficient for approx. 3100l of aquarium water)

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