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Salty Shrimp Herbal & Bacter - 100 ml

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Salty Shrimp Herbal & Bacter - Extract from herbs and living microorganisms

With Herbal & Bacter, you add herbal substances and live bacteria to your aquarium water. This product has the potential to enhance the water quality, to reduce muck, it is effective against fungal infections and it can increase the health of your fish and shrimp as well as their ability to make use of the food (resorptive capacity) and it can boost their resistance against pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Carefully selected herbal extracts and a multitude of different live microorganisms create perfect biological living conditions inside your aquarium.

Herbal extracts (Herbal)
Herbal & Bacter makes use of the effects of different medicinal herbs and secondary phytochemicals, which are becoming quite popular also in commercial aquaculture due to their manifold positive effects on shrimp and fish, like an enhanced immune response, antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal effects, stress reduction, better growth rates and so on.
Herbal & Bacter contains for example yarrow leaves, basil leaves, camomile, plantain leaves, stinging nettle leaves, sage, lovage leaves, rosemary leaves, raspberry leaves, blackberry leaves, thyme and many more. Herbal essences like for example flavonoids, alkaloids, polypeptides, quinones, terpenoids, polyphenols and lectins have proven to be very effective alternatives to antibiotics and other synthetic substances in numerous international studies.

Live bacteria (Bacter)
Herbal & Bacter contains a multitude of different live bacteria cultures, which settle in the substrate and the filter media but also in the intestines of the animals inside the aquarium, where they start their beneficial activity right away. In the aquarium, these live microorganisms break down leftover food and fish and shrimp feces fast and efficiently, and prevent the formation of toxic substances from the start or render them harmless very quickly. The water is cleaned and stabilized, the amount of muck is reduced, and the filter requires less cleaning. Moreover, these bacteria act as antagonists opposing harmful pathogens. Thanks to the crowding-out effect, the number of unwanted bacteria in biofilm is reduced, and they cannot spread. In the intestinal tract of fish and inverts, the beneficial bacterial of Herbal & Bacter help with digestion and nutrient uptake and prevent pathogens from spreading and settling.

Herbal & Bacter is suitable for regular use and for probiotic water conditioning at water change, as well as a curative for problems, and it is also great for inoculating new tanks. The bacteria this product contains are ideal as starter bacteria and/or for weekly renewal. Herbal & Bacter is also great for enhancing dry fish and shrimp food: simply spray/drip onto the feed and let dry for a short time.

Usage / Dosage
For regular care: weekly 1 ml (approx. 12 drops) for 10 liter of water
As starter bacteria for new set up: 4 ml (approx. 48 drops) for 10 liter of water
For quarantine or problems: 8 ml (approx. 96 drops) for 10 liter of water. Please do not overdose. You want to reach biological equilibrium inside your aquarium, and overdosing live microorganisms throws the ecosystem off balance.

Available packaging sizes (screw bottle)

100 ml (sufficient for approx. 1000 l aquarium water for an average regular care)
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