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Qanvee Bio-Sponge Filter

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Brand: Qanvee
UPC: 6973486780039

Qanvee Bio-Sponge Filter is a multi-filtration sponge filter for shrimp or fish tanks. It can be used with a combination of mechanical, chemical and biological filtration which creates clean and clear water for the aquarium. Using filter media in the provided cups helps you to maintain the cycle in the tank as well.


- More quiet and delicate: optimized outlet piping design, greater air output, more delicate foam and lower noise.
- All parts used are environmentally friendly materials, the components are made of high quality food grade plastic, safe and non-toxic for livestock
- More elegant and exquisite
- High quality suction cups, durable
- Adjustable length of pipe - use in different tank height
- Dual filter media containers: can hold a varieties of filter media, with better water purification and activation effect.


1) Connect to air pump, produce a lot of bubbles and increase the oxygen content
2) Filtration sponge provides vast surface area, cultivate high density nitrifying bacteria, playing the role of biological filtration

3) The filter containers design can hold more filter media and provide greater adhesion area for nitrifying bacteria, with better biological effect

Qanvee Bio Sponge Filter comes with 2 models:

1) QS100A - can hold 100g filter media (recommended for tank under 15gal)

2) QS200A - can hold 200g filter media (recommended for tank over 15gal)

Helpful recommendation: It is recommended that you lightly rinse one sponge with removed tank water when doing your routine water changes. This allows you to remove the sediment that builds up in the sponge to keep the filter working properly.

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