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Mini Weeping Moss - Ryan Hoagland

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Mini Weeping Moss (java spring)

Small starter size Portion.

Mini Weeping moss is a rare, intermediate care micro-sized moss that will do well in most conditions. Mini Weeping is a beautiful, slow-growing, tiny-fronded moss that stays short and spreads across whatever it is attached to. When it gets to an edge this moss will weep down, creating a cascade effect.

Our Mini Weeping moss is grown submerged in low-tech shrimp tanks. Only super-healthy, bright green cuttings will be harvested and shipped directly to customers.

Typical portions will be a small section (roughly the size of a dime), which will be more than enough to start propagating your own beautiful piece. We do not sell large clumps or pre-made containers of moss because these typically do not adapt as well to new tank parameters.

How to grow: We recommend you tie or glue your new Mini Weeping moss to a porous surface so it can start to attach. This is a slow-growing moss that will need plenty of time to spread.

Disclaimer: All plants or moss may contain baby shrimp or snails.

All Ryan Hoagland products will be shipped from his facility in Indiana. Therefore they must be purchased in a separate transaction using the Ryan Hoagland shipping options.

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