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Lowkeys Super Zeolite Slab

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Size 10 cm x 7.5 cm, 4in x 3in

Removal of white turbidity when starting up the aquarium, adsorption of ammonia, and
strong adsorption effect lasts for about 1 month!
After that, you can use the amazing porosity as a biological filter medium. The

water flow rate of the threat made by the special manufacturing method is 100%!
The bubbles that blow out are "proof"

"adsorption of harmful substances" adsorption removal
-Ammonia, nitrate, nitrite
-heavy metals mixed from tap water, magnesium
"water improvement effect" water improvement
-water change and start-up white turbidity removal when
deodorizing effect of breeding water by adsorption ammonia
clarified pathogens and suppress the generation of algae and water quality
"supplement effect" mineral elution
important natural minerals healthcare-vivo dissolution
"biological filtration effect ] Microbe filtration
・ The inside of the ultra-porous product is also effective as a habitat for bacteria (biological filter medium).

Fine zeolite is molded into a "plate-like with 100% water flow rate" by a special manufacturing method.
Not only is the shape easy to use, it also exerts a uniform adsorption effect on all surfaces, achieving an overwhelming surface area and high-speed adsorption.
Zeolites have various characteristics depending on the production area, but we use Shimane prefecture, which has excellent ammonia adsorption capacity and is easy to use for tropical fish breeding.
There is no change in Ph that is often seen in activated carbon.

The strong adsorption effect lasts for about 1 month. After that, you can use it as a biological filter medium by leaving it as it is. When using it in a filter, it can be filtered with this product alone, but it is more effective when used in combination with the manufacturer's genuine filter cartridge.

Will not affect PH. Can be broken into smaller pieces for multiple tanks.

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