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Lowkeys Recovers - 200 ml

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UPC: 4589964740215
Brand: Lowkeys

Recovers is a products that prevents death of shrimps by bacterial infections!

Recovers is a true revolutionary product in shrimp keeping! This is the first product that can help prevents the death of shrimps by bacterial infection!

Keep your shrimps safe from bacterial infections!

Especially during summertime when many deaths are cases of shrimps bacterial viruses blooming in shrimp tanks and other unknown bacterial diseases.

It is advised to try to keep your hands out of your shrimp tanks as much as possible. There are many bacteria that is put into and can be transferred from hand and net to tank to tank.


Mozuku Fucoidan Extract Powder, Dextrin.


5ml of Recovers. per 10L (2.64 gallons) of new water change water.

Use during water changes.

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