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Lowkeys Flap Speed - 10 gr

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Product Details
UPC: 4589964740406
Brand: Lowkeys

Flap Speed is a Water Flap × LOWKEYS collaboration

One of the best and most effective way is to increase the size of the shrimp!

Flap Speed comes in individual packets that evenly distribute the food/enzymes.

Price Per: One Bag, One bag has 5 flap speeds packets inside!!!!!!


The goal of Lowkeys Flap Speed is to get the ultimate shrimp growth

Lowkeys Flap Speed being consumed by shrimp

Flap Speed comes in individual packets

Poke the Lowkeys Flap Speed bags with a thumbtack

Poke about 20-30 small holes in the Flap Speed bag. When poking the holes, do it over the aquarium because the powder that comes out is very beneficial to the shrimp.

Enjoy your big shrimp!

Happy Shrimpin'!

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