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Lowkeys Ebi Supple

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UPC: 4589964740079

Ebi Supple is an all around food for shrimps to feed daily. What that means is your shrimp will get what they need in nutrition and minerals. Ebi Supple boosts health and growth of your shrimps. A true TOP QUALITY feed!

This food was made to collapse with a purpose! Younger shrimp have a harder time getting to the hard pellet food with a whole bunch of big adults on it, so this gently breaks apart and spreads out so everyone can share some of the goodness of Lowkeys.


This food can be safely used everyday as staple but it's always better to rotate food to promote growth.

Kale, seaweed powder, kelp, brewer’s yeast, brown rice germination yeast, asparagus yeast

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