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Lowkeys ABS (Active Bacteria Switch)

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Lowkeys ABS
Active Bacterial Switch 20 g
The activity of the shrimp aquarium is dramatically improved.

[Effect] By balancing effective bacteria It dramatically improves the activity in the aquarium. Reduces the risk of sudden death of baby shrimp. Improve the survival rate of juvenile shrimp. Water purification by decomposing the waste in the low floor.

[How to use]
Add a very small amount once every 3 days, about 0.5gram. Estimated usage is about 2 months in a 30 cm cube 7 gallon aquarium with 1 ABS.

If you use it when starting up the aquarium, the nitrification cycle will be smooth. Please add 1g to 5L of water at the time.

[Ingredients used]
Plant dormant bacteria, crude protein, yeast, crude fat, vitamin B complex, beneficial microorganisms, mineral powder, various minerals.

Size: 20grams

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