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Golden Calceo - 5pk - R&R Bloomfield (Oregon)

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Homebred by Rob & Ree Bloomfield

5 Golden Calceo Caridina Shrimp

Golden Calceo caridina shrimp, also called Red Calceo are one of the most unique shrimp as they have a beautiful color pattern with yellow/gold heads and their bodies have bright red stripes. When kept in the correct parameters, they can be very prolific. We have enjoyed countless hours of watching these shrimp.

Parameters in which we keep our colony with great success:

GH:7 / KH:0 / TDS:160 / pH: 6.0

Calceos can be successfully kept at GH 4-5 if preferred. Remember that you need to acclimate them to these parameters slowly.

**Important shipping note: These shrimp will be shipped directly from the breeder. Please be sure that your current order contains only shrimp from this specific breeder as this order will go specifically to your breeder. Multiple shrimp orders from the same breeder can be combined, however orders containing shrimp from multiple breeders cannot be combined. Please note that we will contact you regarding your order if there are orders from multiple breeders. Please be sure that your contact information is current and up-to-date in the event that there is any mishaps.

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