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Shrimp Envy?

It's only natural!

A one-stop-shop of all things shrimp for hobbyists, by hobbyists!

We have a variety of products to meet your needs to help provide the best in

quality care for your caridina and neocaridina shrimp. From high quality, organic shrimp foods to supplements, even special treats for those beautiful photo moments to share on Facebook! You will also find an assortment of other great products from hobbyists just like you! We do our very best to get all of our products from sources right here from local hobbyists so we are putting right back into the hobby to help it grow. What happens if you are looking for something specific and can't find it? Well be sure you let us know because we have connections! We will do our very best to find it and if not, we will most certainly recommend a resource that can help. "Wait? What! You mean send me to someone else?! That can't be good for business! Why would you do that?!"

Because, we are all shrimp friends here!