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Shrimp Sanctuary Lubao Balls - 5pk

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Lubao balls provide a constant grazing source in your tank. You will notice your shrimp are always grazing around the tank looking for food. If your tank is well established with plenty of moss, algae and green walls, this may be enough grazing food for the shrimp. But if your tank isn't established with biofilm and algae, your colony is large and they eat all the algae, or you just want to ensure your tank has sufficient grazing material for your shrimp's health and breeding, then Lubao balls are a great way to achieve this. Lubao balls are a supplementary grazing food and not meant to replace your daily staple shrimp foods. Recommended for tanks over 20 gallons...use Kallax balls for smaller tanks.

As with all new foods and additives in our precious shrimp tanks, Shrimp Envy recommends you monitor water parameters and maintain a proper water change schedule to ensure the health of your shrimp colony.

Please soak the lubao in RO water for 2-3 days, changing the water daily to release excess tannins and allow biofilm to start growing on the ball. Do not rinse or wash the ball after soaking, just drop it in your tank. Do not be alarmed when the ball becomes fuzzy white, that is the precious biofilm growing. Each lubao will last up to 30 days in your tank before it starts stinking badly and should be removed.

Please see the video below from Bene Tay for more information on using Lubao.

Pack Size: 5 balls

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