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Natural Harvest: The Ocean

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A collaboration between two famous Japanese shrimp breeders - EBIKURI x Super Farm 02

Introduces... Natural Harvest THE OCEAN!

The OCEAN is developed by LOWKEYS for the famous Japanese shrimp breeders EBIKURI x Super Farm 02. According to their recipes
Vitamins and nutrients to stimulate the immune system and better digest.
The rather friable pellets, this propagating powder, allows the young shrimp and the adults to enjoy it

The nutrients are digested by the metabolic activity of the microorganisms. It also helps to further increase the nutritional value in it

Can be taken alone or in addition to other food

seaweed powder, fish collagen, nannochloropsis, lactic acid bacteria, probiotic bifidobacteria, lactoferrin, vitamins and minerals, such as amino acids, "Euglena", Zeaxanthine to help strengthen the color of shrimp .

Package size: 30 grams

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