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Natural Harvest: The Earth

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A collaboration between two famous Japanese shrimp breeders - EBIKURI x Super Farm 02

Introduces... Natural Harvest THE EARTH!
Many vitamins and nutrients to help boost the shrimps immune system and better digest foods.
Softer style food helps it spread throughout the tank for adults to baby shrimps to feed on.
Functional ingredients, heat sterilization of lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria probiotic, lactoferrin helps it take full advantage of the antibacterial, anti-virus iron absorption.
Nutrients are digested to increases the nutritional value added active ingredients such as vitamins by the metabolic activity of the microorganisms. It also helps to further increase health promotion nutritional value in it to be taken together or a combination of several kinds of foods.

Paprika, black garlic, turmeric, maca, carefully selected 20 kinds of vegetable such as perilla and more. Vitamins and minerals, such as amino acids, "Euglena" strengthening blend of nutritional balance of plants and animals. Zeaxanthin to help in strengthening the red in shrimps.

Package Size: 30 grams

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