Lowkeys Pika Pika - 30 ml

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This amazing product is use to clear a cloudy tank!

From cloudy tank to crystal clear in hours!

  • This product is an impurity remover with natural ingredients
  • It will remove impurities which causes cloudiness in water and helps to increase it transparency in a few hours
  • It will effectively take away fine dust which is not removed by filter
  • It will clear the cloudy water which you get when maintaining the water
  • It can quickly remove impurities and it is excellent in immediate effectiveness

Ingredients: Humic acid exacts, natural product extraction organic accid, plant enzymes, microbial enzymes, trace elments

Instructions: Shake bottle well,

  • Add 1ml of Pika Pika per 10L (2.64gallon) of water
  • One pump is about 0.5ml

Preciptates and floating matter sometimes will grow inside bottle but there is no problem with quailty of product.

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