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Dwarf Shrimp Shrimp AllTake 50gr

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Dwarf Shrimp Shrimp AllTake – Probiotic Shrimp Food

Shrimp AllTake is the probiotic food that has it all for your shrimp! Specifically designed for adult shrimp, this is a complete food that promotes well being with vital and humic substances as it is completed tailored for dwarf shrimp. Based on a balanced coordination of the ingredients in connection with lactic acid bacterium, you will be providing your active colonies a supported diet by adding this to your feeding routine. Great for all types of invertebrates!

Instructions for use

1-2 sticks for 15-20 shrimp per day

Ingredients / Ingredients

Krill, Artemia, Hermetia white cabbage, Maca, Carrots, Spinach, Hokkaido, Walnut leaves, Mulberry leaf, Nettle, Ribwort, Dandelion root, Chickweed, Acerola, Moringa, Garlic, Thyme, Ceylon cinnamon, Spirulina, Nannochloropsis, Micronized pollen, Calcium, Grape seed pollen, Magnesium carbonate, Daphnia

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