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Dwarf Shrimp Baby AllTake 50gr

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Dwarf Shrimp Baby AllTake – Probiotic Shrimp Food

Baby AllTake is the probiotic powder food that has it all for your shrimplets! Specifically designed for babies and juveniles, this is a complete food that promotes well being with vital and humic substances as it is completed tailored for dwarf shrimp. Based on a balanced coordination of the ingredients in connection with lactic acid bacterium, you will be providing your active colonies a supported diet by adding this to your feeding routine. Great for all types of invertebrates!

Instructions for use

1-2 times a day as much as the animals ingest in a few minutes. We recommend starting with a small scoop.

Ingredients / Ingredients

Mollusks & crustaceans, Salmon oil, Pollen, Nannochloropsis, Micronized calcium, Magnesium carbonate, High quality minerals, Grapeseed Flour, Algae, Acerola, Moringa, Dandelion Root and Spinach

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