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DS Pure Line Nettle 50gr

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DS Pure Line Nettle

A complementary supplement that your shrimp, crabs or snails can enjoy. DS Pure Line Nettle is a high-quality, natural shrimp food in stick shape and supports the important supply with trace elements that are important to the over all health. The tasty shrimp food is produced without any additives, colorants, preservatives or attractants. Stinging nettles are a good choice for dwarf shrimps and crabs to get vitamin and trace elements as it is full of wonderful nutrients. The form-stable sticks are made from 100% young nettles that were harvested and processed in Germany.

Instructions for use

1 stick daily for 20-30 shrimps. Do not over brew the stick. The bag should be closed immediately after removal.

Ingredients / Ingredients

Stinging Nettle

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