Meet the Breeders and Product Creators

We would like to take a moment to introduce you to breeders who have worked really hard to bring you some of the most beautiful shrimp and useful products! We look for breeders with high standards in shrimp keeping as well as product creators who specialize in shrimp specific items that you will be able to utilize daily in your routine. We also do our best to source natural products from other hobbyists who know how important it is that leaves, cones and etc. are not treated with chemicals or pesticides of any kind.
Please be sure to let us know if you have products you are interested in selling through Shrimp Envy or if there is a product you would like us to find a source for! We are always looking to give our customers the best selection!
Steven Ramirez - Island Shrimp - Shrimp Breeder
Charles Feldman - Shrimp Breeder
Kevin Bianculli - Shrimp Breeder
Han Tran - Han's MakerSpace/Han Aquatics - 3D printed products
Jason Anderson - 3D Print Designer - 3D printed products
Ryan Hoagland - Graphic Design Hobbyist - Contributed Shrimp Envy Logo