Breeder Partnership Program

We have introduced a new concept with our store and have found a great relationship with our new Breeder Partnership Program. This concept has opened the door that has allowed reputable breeders who do not, for what ever reason, have a place to post their shrimp, can do so on our site! This allows them to keep their colonies at a healthy breeding level as well as buyers to enjoy the option of having the option of buying from some of the very best in the hobby!


You might be asking how this can help you. Well, for one, you can reach a big audience as we are all reaching out to a different audience. For two, there is no haggling over pricing, and you are getting what your shrimp are worth. Three, you do not have to upkeep a website or need know how to even put one together. The only things you will need to have is a Facebook or email account to communicate with us and a PayPal account so you can receive payment from the sale of you shrimp!


Interested in being part of our Breeder Partnership Program? Here is what you need to know!


1. How is everything posted?

We take care of posting the information for you. You send us the pictures and parameters for the shrimp you are selling. If you have a logo, we will also include that for you as well! We are also able to “disable” the post once we are notified that your stock is low, and you need to allow time for your shrimp to replenish.


2. How do you know when your shrimp sells?

Once we receive notification that your shrimp have sold, we will contact you to make you aware of the transaction. This notification will advise you of who made the purchase/shipping address/purchased item/shipping date as we have stated on the web site that shipments for shrimp are Monday, Tuesday and Saturday for the best interest of the shrimp. It will be your sole responsibility to ensure that the shipment is prepared and shipped as agreed. If you need assistance with a shipping label, we are always happy to assist. You are also responsible for sending a picture of the shrimp being shipped, a picture of the box with the label and the tracker number. This allows us to input the tracking number in the system for tracking through the guest account as well as to have the images if there are complications with the shipment.

3. How do I get paid once the buyer receives their shrimp?

Once the buyer has received their order, we will check in with them to see how the shipment is doing. Once we have received notification that all is well, we will forward you the monies from your sale via PayPal.

4. How much does it cost for me to sell my shrimp on Shrimp Envy?

To sell your shrimp on Shrimp Envy, you are responsible for the PayPal fees incurred for the transaction fee when the shrimp are purchased. This fee is 2.9% + $.30 per transaction. Additionally, as you will be using our platform and services in which to sell your shrimp and we will handle the maintenance of that platform, there is a consignment fee of 15% from the price of the sale (after the PayPal fee and not including the shipping amount).

5. How are “DOA” handled?

DOA are handled the same if you had sold them on any other platform. The seller will contact us (Shrimp Envy) regarding any DOA in the shipment within two hours of receiving the shipment. Pictures of the DOA must be taken of the DOA while in the bag.Once the buyer has taken those pictures, they need to begin acclimating the other shrimp in order to ensure the rest of the healthy shrimp are not left in contaminated water. The buyer will notify us of any DOA, we will make you aware and forward you all photos of the DOA as proof.


6. How do I request to sell shrimp on Shrimp Envy?

To sell your shrimp on Shrimp Envy, Contact Robert Bloomfield either through Facebook (Rob Bloomfield) or send an email to (contact us link will work as well). Please note that if you are approved as a seller, we will ask that you provide multiple pictures of the shrimp and colony that you would like to sell. Once the pictures and pricing has been provided, postings will be put up and you will be kept in the loop throughout the entire process. Any questions you have, we are here to help.


7. Can I share the link for my shrimp that are posted on

Our sellers are encouraged to showcase their shrimp anywhere they like. We make this exceptionally easy with “favorite button” for Facebook, Pinterest and ect. Share the link for your shrimp anywhere you like! While we do market the site and run ads as well as promote the site on various forums, we do not show preference to any of your breeder partners.